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To define cloud computing, it is the availability of multiple productional grade computing services such as storage, analytics, application development, servers over the Internet instead of the physical presence of the individually mentioned computing services. We offer a range of cloud consulting across multiple vendors such as Azure, Google Cloud Platform and AWS to name a few. Cloud computing has accepted by industries of various sizes and backgrounds due to their multiple features and advantages which will discuss further down. To get a better idea lets see how cloud computing can be differentiated.

Types of cloud services: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

One of the ways how cloud computing is differentiated is to divide on the way we choose it as a service. They are further divided into infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (Saas).

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

The most common structure of cloud computing, organizations can lease basic software infrastructure such as servers, networks, operating systems and more. This is a pay as you use model. 

  • Platform as a service (PaaS)

A developer focussed infrastructure, this option comes with a whole of developer aid tools and resources such as testing, computing, virtual servers and networks and the likes. This infrastructure speeds ups the web or application development process. 

  • Software as a service (SaaS)

An organization focused on cloud infrastructure, Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is used by organizations to deliver an application to users via the internet. This is also called on-demand software.

What Can You Do With Your Cloud


Get the power of DevOps for your organization with the right Cloud Consulting service, with tools and services designed with DevOps in mind, turn a new chapter in your organization by unpacking the potential of DevOps.

  • Tools specially made for CD/CI process
  • Deploy your application with ease
  • Tools to track and monitor your app 24/7
  • Developer friendly tools and resources

Big Data & Analytics

Leave your competition behind with tools to understand and utilize Big Data for your business, make data-driven decisions based on analytical data and the ability to predict by analysing past trends. Acquire data, scale them and analyse them with ease with minimal investment.

  • Get tools like Hadoop and Spark
  • Big Data made easy
  • Analyze data for business decisions
  • Predict future trends

Disaster Recovery

Recovering data from a disaster is a walk in the park with cloud computing, almost cloud service provides gives organization with backup as a standard service. The time taken to recover data and application is also minimal at best.

  • Avoid business losses
  • Automatic Data backup
  • Retail files on demand
  • Avoid legal ramifications

Internet of Things – IoT

Get ahead of the curve with tools and resources which can help your organization to leverage the next big thing, IoT( internet of things). Connect multiple devices, assets, sensors, and more. Analyse data to get insights into the future and make better business decisions.

  • Refines cybersecurity
  • Real-time data
  • Acquire more data
  • Better decision making

Business Ready

Cloud computing services and tools are made with business in mind, all the applications are of production grade. Whatever the niche of your business may be, our Cloud Consulting service will cover your business needs.

  • Customer friendly website makers
  • ERP, CRM and custom email servers
  • Multiple storage options
  • Scale up or down on demand


With cloud computing, game developers can code, build, launch and if needed, games can be scaled up or down according to the traffic on the go. With cloud computing, game developers can launch a game for the global audience in a single go.

  • Develop games with the latest technologies
  • Sync the game with multiple channels
  • Debugging and quality analytics can be done in real time
  • The game can be scaled up on demand

Cloud Consulting Services

We at Theconbox firstly understand and analyse your present environment and further assess if your applications are cloud ready. Depending on your business demands and personal expectations, we help you to choose the right cloud service provider.

Cloud Migration Services

We at Theconbox also help you to move your business applications from your physical presence to the cloud platform. This migration may also be from one cloud to another cloud as well, with us as your cloud consulting partners. Expect better service for your end users and more savings to you, cloud computing has gained acceptance from a variety of industries and sectors. They have a history of Good ROI and increasing employee productivity.

Benefits of Cloud Consulting Solutions

The benefits of cloud computing are manifold, other the new abilities it gives your organization, they come with many tools and resources which can help your employees to reach new levels of excellence.

Minimal Investment, Better Returns

When compared with physical counterparts, cloud computing can give cloud version of servers, virtual machines, computing processors, and many more options. The cost needed for implementing these assets physically is way more than cloud computing. Way more is an understatement as the difference could as high as 100%. Given the tools and resources the Cloud Consulting service comes it, it is an all around bargain.

Better Cost Utilization

When it comes on-premise servers, the people needed to overlook them and consumption charges, all of these add up to a massive cost. Organizations can cut costs without losing the competitive advantage if anything organizations only stand to gain with cloud computing. With lowered costs, cloud computing offers many more tools and resources for better organizational support.

Break Down Barriers

With cloud computing, employees get the freedom of access from any device and any physical location. Be it a laptop, desktop, smartphone or a tablet, employees can access projects, applications and more from the current occupation of comfort. The workforce has seen a trend in going mobile, cloud computing can break down barriers of access while upholding higher security standards.

Collaboration Simplified

A team when everyone is heading towards a common goal, for this to happen organizations cannot downplay the importance of open and easy channels of communications. Employees do perform better when they are given collaboration tools which ease their task tracking and monitoring paper trail. With cloud computing collaboration tools, your employees get the best in class experience with productivity tools.

On-demand Scalability

In the age of sudden spikes in traffic and load, applications may be needed to scale up or down at a moments notice. Major applications such as Pokemon, Uber and YouTube have used the cloud computing’s scale-up ability to maintain the sudden spike in traffic and load.

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